Over 17 years of “hands-on” experience

Our experience and knowledge of international business is based, developed and enhanced working closely with customers in developing international markets, launching new products and establishing business abroad. We help you exporting your local value.

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Deep knowledge on “how” and “what” in export and international business

As a company specialized in international business consulting our services are aimed at small and medium companies by closely supporting their internationalization initiatives. We also work with industry and trade organizations to enhance their service offering and with business schools to provide a real business perspective to their programs. EWExport offers various services from selecting and appointing new distributors and other routes to market, diagnosing existing export plans and activities, international business training, international trade preparation all the way up to end-to-end solutions comprising all the aspects of product introduction into a new market.

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Your “one stop shop” for international business

EWExport will help you acquire the skills set you need to run an effectively international business, while at the same time, support you in the stages when you most need. We look into all aspects such as people, product, markets’ characteristics, product fit, new product development, organizational structure and others.

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“You meet the warrior when in battle, but it is not until victory that you meet the gentleman.”

Jacinto Benavente

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