Analysing the micro market option for some product brands

The micro market concept as technology has been taking US by storm. AT EWExport we see the moves that the three main micro market companies make in UK and other countries in Europe and analyse now with some brands with diversified products if, the micro market, would be a good answer to new concepts

EWExport at the University of Edinburgh Business School

Based on our real practical case seminars it is with great pleasure that our International Business Director, Manuel Alves, is giving on October 10th at The University of Edinburgh Business School, ranked among the most prestigious institutions, two seminars in international business to undergraduates and post graduates. Manuel’s words: “ Returning to The University of Edinburgh Business School is always a pleasure and a great opportunity to share knowledge and acquire excellent insights as well: the courses are extremely well structured, the students are of very high calibre and staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Furthermore Edinburgh is one of my favourite all time cities and Scotland a place that I will always recommend for its natural beauty, fantastic and welcoming people and great history and historical sites. It is also a modern business hub with a dynamic business community. It is really a great place to visit and to live”.

Newsletter 10/2012