Case Studies

Some of our most sucessfull Export Case Studies

East West Export and Rodrigues Design worked closely with AR JUNIOR in order to internationalize this manufacturing company by creating a new brand called EMOTION AIR. This is one of our Export Case Studies with a great potential to international awareness.

Launching a new brand in such an international event where industry leaders are concentrated requires preparation, dedication and support. EWExport supported its customer EMOTION AIR all way through from training to the attendance and local support at the international exhibition CLIMATIZACION in Madrid.

East West Export, building up on the vending, OCS and catering experience identified LAQTIA GROUP from Spain as a superior supplier of ingredients for hot drinks such as soluble milk, coffee, cacao, etc.

East West Export has a compromise to develop international brands as well as to represent quality products for demanding markets all over the world. Is was in its best interest to develop with Rodrigues Design attractive designs for new products entering the market.

New hot drinks ingredients brand focusing on vending and higher quality hot drinks.

Premium single serve coffee concept aimed at premium locations and using premium equipment. With origins in Latin America and traceability to the farm and harvest date, the focus was single origin, best Arabica, hand roasted and with recyclable capsule. Only for connoisseurs. Product_Info

From Honduras reliable packaging equipment for the world. Easy to install and cost efficient to run a very complete range of packaging equipment for liquids, solids, pastes, powder and granules.

Iberian market study (2004 – 2005) to evaluate market trends, competitors and sustainability to install a manufacturing plant for residential and nn residential ventilation systems

German privately owned capital equipment for textile dyeing machines for fabric, yarns and garments. Development of Russian distributor for military garment manufactures, Latin America and India. Launch of a service revenue stream for engineering planing and introduction of a lower positioning brand for smaller equipment and price sensitive clients.

At the time part of the large Fileni Group from Italy it was the first real quality premium pasta concept on the go launched in vending and catering in UK at AVEX 2009 using a SEAGA vending machine for frozen food. It became a reference of quality restaurant pasta in a cup that would take less than 2 minutes to heat up. Each bit of pasta had sauce what made the product consistency unsurpassable.

MARK is a reference in build quality, electronics, functionality and customisation for self service like laundries and car wash. EWExport has partnered with MARK to further develop its global footprint by developing and identifying routes to market, help the set up of further after sales services and contribute to new product development.

Prestigious Turkish diversified manufacturer including vending equipment, EWExport is supporting the development of new markets for Elektral’s products in Latin America where its range and competitive positioning can address the markets’ requirements and some very specific needs.