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Specialists in International Business Development

Since 2004 EWExport supports businesses in their new market development. We do not have a standard approach as each client is different, with specific needs, each product has its characteristics and each market has its opportunities and barriers. We operate always in a very specific way to each opportunity because all is dependent on: client | market | product.

Our services are aimed at small and medium companies who seek internationalisation for their products and real life export experience and cultural awareness of the markets they seek to enter. Our experience focus is Europe, Russia, CIS, South and Central America and also Japan.

We take full advantage of modern communication technology  having our partners placed across various countries and consulting in individual offices. We chose to have local presence and therefore a more direct contact with the markets.

At EWExport we strive to be a company with strong integrity and ethical conduct while dedicated to provide export consulting services to our clients. In short your safe bet in export!

Export consulting - International Business Development

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