Trade Show Support

Trade show supportTrade shows despite the cost still pass on the message of who is a serious player in the industry, is serious about entering the industry and values customer exposure.  As a result we provide one of the best Trade show support available. Trade shows have different formats and time frames:

1. You can have twice a year shows in your home market, in two different locations: like Vendex North and Vendex Midlands in UK

2. You can have twice a year shows abroad, usually main shows in the industry, such as Inter Traffic, Venditalia or Anuga

3. You have yearly shows in your home market or abroad such as ICE

No trade show should be considered lightly. Firstly because they are your image in the industry, secondly because they are an investment and thirdly because if you launch a product in a main show, if it is every two years, your window of communication gets longer and timing is even more crucial.

Therefore preparation is essential and based always in our experience we can advise on

  • Stand consulting: best design, display and information availability
  • Support in multi lingual brochures
  • Staff training
  • How to gather information on the show
  • How to prepare your show using multi media channels

Example of professional communication: Caffe-Culture 2010

Example of launch of premium italian frozen product in UK: AVEX2009