B2B Social Media

Social Media for Business

We develop strategies of B2B social media which are addressed to B2B activities. However B2C social media is also an important tool in customer engagement for B2C activities.

We develop strategies of B2B social media

Our B2B social media expertise and research is aimed at putting in place and running a B2B activity. This benefits your business by harvesting market needs, insights and contributions to enhance your product or service. As a result it takes different approaches:

  1. Creation of professional groups to harvest and share information
  2. Keep a “human” approach to business
  3. Be selective with whom you connect
  4. Establish possible interest in different markets
  5. Make it part of strategic actions
  6. Choosing the most appropriate channels for your business promotion
  7. Engagement tool and market surveillance capability

These, as always, are based in real experience but also research. It is a very pragmatic while also being hands on approach.